How can queer sex erase Appalachian medical debt?

Mutual Aid is vegan plant-based lube made by queers for queers. The recipe is simple, vegan, edible, and paraben & glycerin-free. The base ingredient is coconut oil, which is slick and long lasting. Unlike synthetic oils its easily flushed from the body. Mutual Aid is designed for use with hands, nitrile gloves, and body safe toys (no latex). Coconut oil is great for some and less-so for others, it depends on how your unique holler fauna respond.  This lube is especially great for fistin’ and adventurous trysts with your large toys. CBD is added to improve blood flow to your hills and hollers, reduce inflammation and soreness caused by your intimate celebrations of queer sexuality.  It also doubles as a great massage oil, relieving soreness and inflammation in any part of the body.


There are many conversations and articles written about how Appalachians live in a healthcare desert, food desert, a mental healthcare desert, etc. Folks don’t talk about the sex-positive desert it is as well: abstinence-only taught in schools under the banner of sex education. “Adult Bookstores” often have Trump flags out front & a football field-sized parking lot filled with semi trucks. Unless you live in a handful of places, most sex shops available are a far cry from the queer-owned/run/friendly shops in cities up north. We are tired of Amazon Prime-ing in the conveniences of urban queer life. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need our money, it needs to stay in our local / regional economy.  When you buy from us not only are you $upporting Appalachian Queers & keeping your money in the region! Every purchase erases $100 of Appalachian Medical Debt. We hope this is just the beginning, that you’ll bring your own ideas to the table that we can $upport, we want to connect & lift up people in the region already doing this work. Let’s work together to create a more sex positive Appalachia for ALL bodies, with easy access to sex education & reproductive justice.


We use RIP Medical Debt's "Reviving Appalachia" program to purchase large portfolios of medical debt. On average, 100$ of medical debt can be purchased for $1. That's how every lube purchase erases $100 of Appalachian Medical Debt! There are 240 million dollars of medical debt in Appalachia. The majority is from the most marginalized of our community.


The Problem: In the past forty years, medical costs have doubled, insurance copays and deductibles have spiked, and bankruptcy rates have quadrupled, creating an avalanche of destructive medical debt. More than 60% of bankruptcies in America have medical debt as a root cause, and the situation is especially dire in Appalachia.


Regional studies showed that in Appalachia, out-of-pocket healthcare costs are 40% higher than the national average, and this year almost every state in Appalachia suffered a decline in insurance coverage—sure to make things worse. Nearly one in five people in Appalachia are in poverty, and medical debt makes that poverty impossible to escape. Medical debt destroys a family’s credit rating; denying access to loans, an apartment, and even a job. People in medical debt are less likely to seek medical care or fill prescriptions so that, in the end, medical debt not only destroys well-being and economic security, it can kill.